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No place like home

No place like home

Almost 6 months ago I arrived in the United States. On the 3d of March, I was fearfully but excitedly waiting at the US border control, hoping that my visum would give me access to the land of the free and rich (so I thought).  6 months. Half a year. Jeez time flies when you’re exploring, going on adventures and having…

Birtthday present

How I Got The Best Birthday Present: Friendship

I am at San Francisco Airport. Packed with an American flag, a Giants finger, flag buttons, USA garlands, red jacket… If it wasn’t 9th of July, I could perfectly be on the way to a far away 4th of July party. But the party I am going to is in my backyard and is going to be so much more fun..…


Loneliness: I am not alone, I feel alone

It happened Saturday night. Around 1:45 am. I felt my eyes tearing up and it only took 5 seconds before the flood of salt water started dangling down my cheeks. ‘I feel so alone,’ I told the person next to me. ‘I feel trapped on an island so far away from home. From my friends and family.’ I didn’t hide…

How was your week?

My week in California: 25th of May

I had this idea. To weekly document the things, moments, people.. standing out while exploring & discovering California. It could be things that surprised me (like all bars closing at 2 AM sharp), things that excited me (like meeting the co-founder of Intercom) or things that blew my mind away (like ending a week with the most amazing view over the city).…


Happiness: never stay grounded

Recently someone asked me ‘are you back in Belgium?‘ and without thinking, I answered ‘No, and if it was for me, I’d never return‘. And there it was. Black on white on my screen ‘I think I like it here’ Every day I wake up at 6:50 AM. That’s 10 minutes before my alarm because I am excited to go to work. An…

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