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Back to Belgium

Belgium, here I come

‘Mum, dad, this year I am giving you the best Christmas present ever.. I am coming home!’ Last week I secured my spot at the family table for Christmas; I booked a flight to Belgium to spend the Christmas holidays there. The moment I clicked ‘book now’ I felt utterly happy. Although I am happier to live here in San Francisco, I long…

September in San Francisco

15 Highlights of September in San Francisco

I tried writing about my highlights weekly, but honestly, there was no way of keeping up with that so I changed it into a monthly thing. For now. September was not too shabby. It was filled with amazing people, amazing food, mind blowing views and great experiences. This is my way of documenting them all. Diaries are so last season. 1.…

Normal is for people without courage

I don’t want to have a normal life

I’ve had quite a year… A year ago I decided to quit my job and move abroad. It started with a talk to my former boss and it ended up with a job in San Francisco. And that journey is what I would like to type about. No the physical journey, but the mental one. Recently I gave up on Facebook.…

6 months USA

Look back on 6 months in the US

I’ve officially hit the half year mark. I’ve set ground on the 3d of March in Los Angeles to end up in San Francisco. The half year mark is the moment were people no longer say “wow just arrived in the United States?”. It’s the moment were you start noticing cultural differences, when you have adapted to certain behaviors and stubbornly…

No place like home

No place like home

Almost 6 months ago I arrived in the United States. On the 3d of March, I was fearfully but excitedly waiting at the US border control, hoping that my visum would give me access to the land of the free and rich (so I thought).  6 months. Half a year. Jeez time flies when you’re exploring, going on adventures and having…

Birtthday present

How I Got The Best Birthday Present: Friendship

I am at San Francisco Airport. Packed with an American flag, a Giants finger, flag buttons, USA garlands, red jacket… If it wasn’t 9th of July, I could perfectly be on the way to a far away 4th of July party. But the party I am going to is in my backyard and is going to be so much more fun..…

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