Those who don't believe in magic, will never find it.

Judith in a nutshell: dare, dream & do. Cheerful, innovative and honest. Stubborn and enthousiast about things, people and feelings. Made of principles like 'every guest in my house gets a tootbrush & a pair of slippers'

Dead fish swim with the stream

Eigen gedacht

Ik kreeg gisteren telefoon. Dat kan. Want ik heb een telefoon en als die rinkelt, klik ik op het hoornsymbool en dan ben ik aan het telefoneren. Het was een vriendin. Haar karakter is als het mijne; gooi er vooral geen lucifer op, want het is al ontvlambaar genoeg. Ze vertelde kwaad dat ze van enkele mensen (lees: assholes) in haar omgeving…


Goodbye Ghent & Vooruit.. time for a new challenge!

For four years I’ve had a desk in Vooruit. I was asked for an internship when I was still studying. I knew nothing about Vooruit, but I took the challenge and went for it. An internship became a job. Vooruit was responsible for the first money on my bank account. For the first work experiences. The first conferences. And obviously the first failures…


American meatloaf

I challenged my boyfriend to make a really good meal for himself and he decided to go for American meatloaf with homemade BBQ-sauce. He was so enthusiastic about the recipe he found that he literally obliged me to prepare it too. After making the meatloaf myself and discovering how absolutely delicious it was (my flatmate is a witness), I decided this…

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.



Soms is het genoeg. Genoeg met wat, vragen ze dan. Met alles. Dan gaat mijn licht uit en moet iedereen en alles even ophoepelen. September is vaak -ondanks de zonnestralen- een donkere maand. Opnieuw 2x per week de schoolbanken gaan bezetten? Ja hoor, want ik ben nu zover gekomen met dat naaien en ik doe dat ook graag, dus ik kan…


Take the challenge

I’ve always been very fascinated by challenges. If you challenge me, you can be sure I’ll be up for it. Like that time when I was a kid and my sister challenged me to go down a plastic slide on a pillow with my body backwards during our annual holiday in the South of France . And I took the…