Stop waiting for Friday. For summer. For a man. For a time to use your best napkins.

Judith seen by others: dare, dream & do. Cheerful, innovative and honest. Stubborn and enthousiast about things, people and feelings. And food. Lots of food.



Vrijdagnacht heb ik de crème de la crème van België (lees: mijn vrienden) bij mij thuis verzameld om mijn afscheid te vieren. Afscheid van Gent. Afscheid van België. Maar geen afscheid van hen, want ik geloof niet dat afstand ook maar enigszins iets in de vriendschapspap te brokken heeft. Vandaar dat ik steevast weigerde om over mijn vrienden en mijn afscheid te…

Apple cake with rum

Easy apple cake with rum

This week I made an apple cake. I wanted a special touch, so I added some rum to it. It was a total disaster because I got the cake out of the oven too soon and I had to go to class so there was no more time to bake it a bit more. I never throw away sweet desserts,…

Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies from heaven

Chocolate cookies with chocolate chips AND melted chocolate inside? SAY NO MORE! I tried this Nigella Lawson recipe and it’s de-li-cious. And the people I shared them with all agreed. It takes a bit more work, but you won’t regret it. The cookies peal off easily from the baking sheet, they melt in your mouth and mmmmmm. Time needed: 20 min…

Peanut oatmeal cookies

Peanut oatmeal cookies

When I left my job, I got 3 bags of salted peanuts (don’t ask!). I don’t like my peanuts salted, so I looked for a way to use them in cookies. I made these oatmeal cookies and they turned out really flat and unattractive looking. I had a big pile of those cookies so I wasn’t that much of a fan…

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