23 cool things in 23 years.

Last year I wrote a post about some lessons learned in my 22th year.
I thought it was a cool way of reflecting about  the year that flew by, so what’s keeping me from doing it this year? Nothing. So here I am again, some days after I turned 23.

23 cool things in my 23th year of life:

  1. Operations rock. Especially the moment they put you to sleep. Fascinating!
  2. My first festival (yep I am one of the laggards)
  3. Realizing how many people actually remember your birthday if it’s not displayed on Facebook
  4. Becoming a freelancer and being my own boss…
  5. … which meant I could invent my own ridiculously funny signature and company name
  6. Buying my own MacBook with student discount and paying it as a freelancer
  7. Converting my mother to an iMac user (hipster mom)
  8. Telling people you’re a student and a freelancer
  9. Walking a dog, without owning it. (Thanks to Dierenasiel Gent)
  10. Officially leaving my parent’s nest by changing addresses
  11. Trusting a hairdresser with my hair and realizing afterwards that my own haircut was better
  12. Graduating for the second time (as marketer)
  13. Dealing with 2 evening courses at the same time (that was fun! No really!)
  14. Living with a Columbian flatmate who brought coffee and sunshine in the house
  15. Getting a perfect job @ Vooruit
  16. Being picked up in the airport for the very first time (exit pathetic train rides!)
  17. Buying a closet designated for my collection of shoes
  18. Driving a car
  19. Champaign tasting/buying in Reims like I’m rich and famous (I wish)
  20. My dad owning a dessert company, making sure I don’t get underweighted
  21. Winning a 300 euro Logitech remote with a game of poker
  22. The look on people’s face when they find out you studied ànd you are a hairdresser
  23. Celebrating my last day as a 22’er in another country.

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