Vegas, baby!

Las Vegas

It’s absolutely impossible to visit the United States without doing some crazy and ridiculous shit. The things you absolutely need to do when being in America. Like entering Mc Donalds and asking for something vegan to eat.

As I am traveling to New York and Hollywood, two legendary destinations, there are plenty of legendary things on my ‘MUST DO’ list.

Like imitating trains on The High Line. Playing hide and seek in MoMa. Hiding behind a tree in Central Park to scare people. Making sure at least 1 American believes I am a big European star when walking over the Walk of Fame. Getting as close as possible to the Hollywood sign. Telling Astrid Bryan I am Belgian and asking who she exactly is…

But to make this trip even more legendary, we (Greg and I) decided to drive up to Las Vegas, spend all our cash, party with Elvis and crash in a hotel.

I have the luck of traveling with one of the best tour guides you could possibly imagine. So when Greg obliged me to charge my Credit Card for the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, I just listened (as usual). After all he was getting so enthusiastic about this hotel making an appearance in ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’, I couldn’t say no.

Time to earn some money so we can gamble the night away and drive back to Los Angeles as millionaires. Maybe we should get married in a wedding chapel¬†too. Because what happens in Vegas…


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