I believe in 100%. 100% fresh orange juice. Pumps with heels skyrocking high but still 100% comfortable. 100% cacao dark chocolate (impossible, but imagine it would exist.. Heaven!)

But I also believe in the 100% person. The person that matches you like that perfect piece of jerky; not too soft, but not too chewy either. Tasteful, but not to peppered and spicy. That person who is just perfect for you. In every way. Not in a 99,9% way but in a 100% way.

I always asked people to look for the 100% person(s) and I made them promise not to settle down for anything less. And neither did I. People called me naïeve. An idealist. A dreamer. Someone who would end up alone. And I didn’t listen.

I recently stumbled on a 100% person. I found him on a very random night. On a very random bench. In the not so random city of Ghent. The only thing: he lives in California. But who cares, no 99,9% Belgian can top that.

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