20 places/things in NY & LA you need to discover


LA – Venice beach

10 places/things you absolutely need to discover in NY

  1. Spending hours in Strand Bookstore
  2. Snacking in Chelsea Market
  3. Midnight visit to Grand Central
  4. Reading books in New York Public Library
  5. Stroll to Brooklyn Bridge at 7 am
  6. Bagels for breakfast
  7. Live jazz bars around Harlem
  8. Walking inside flat buildings with doormen at the Upper West Side
  9. Afternoon stroll at The High Line, a former railroad tuned into a park
  10. Get to know the fast pace life of a NY’er

10 places/things you absolutely need to discover in LA

  1. Breakfast with a huge amount of pancakes & waffle with strawberries at The Griddle (Star recommendation!)
  2. Bicycling Venice Beach at sunset
  3. Try an improv Comedy Show at UCB & get surprised
  4. Visit the Converse flagship store & customise your Allstars
  5. Have an amazing view over LA on the hills above the Hollywood sign
  6. Visit a gigantic supermarket (like the rock ‘n roll Ralphs on Sunset Boulevard)
  7. Skateboarding at 3 am on 4-lane streets that are all empty then (strange feeling!)
  8. Visit the Grifith Observatory with beautiful views over the city
  9. Dance the night away on a Bootie (mash-up songs) party
  10. Get to know the chillaxing, fun personality of an LA’er

Skateboarding at night – LA


Overviewing LA from the Hollywood hills


7 am NY walk


Upper westside buildings – NY


Customize you Allstars – LA


The Griddle / pancakes for life! – LA

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