Recipe: Asparagus with ham (movie)

I like asparagus. Not the most easy vegetable, but definitely the most special one. You can do shitloads of things with asparagus, but if you don’t want to spend the entire night in the kitchen, you have to keep it simple.

Here is a movie with an awesomely simple recipe (if you can make a 15s video out of it, it can’t be that hard, right?) to put asparagus on the table under 30 minutes!

Ingredients for 2 people

  • 500 gr Asparagus
  • 3 eggs
  • 8 small potatoes
  • 200 gr of ham
  • 200 ml creme
  • A lot of chives (I used dried chives)
  • Garlic

How to make Asparagus

  • Cut the potatoes in small pieces & bake on the fire with some salt & rosemary
  • In the meantime boil water
  • When the water boils, put your asparagus in for 10 min.
  • After 3 minutes put the eggs in the water with the asparagus
  • After 7 minutes (so the asparagus boiled for 10 min) get the eggs & asparagus out of the water
  • Warm the creme with the chives, ham & pressed garlic
  • In the meantime dress your plate with the potatoes, asparagus & eggs
  • Pour the sauce over the asparagus
  • Serve

Bon appétit!

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