2017: Stop Perfectioning, Start Learning.

Learning and experiencing new things have always been motivators I can’t live without. I feel an enormous energy rush in my second toe from the left when my brain is processing new things.

Hairdressing, make-up, sewing, a dozen of sports.. I tried & “finished” it all. However nothing stuck. I liked every one of those hobbies, but I wasn’t passionate about it. So when 2016 came to an end and I was sitting down with myself to go over my accomplishments, goals and wondering what to do next, I decided it was time to have a plan. A strategy. I was going to Product Manage the shit out of my free time instead of jumping from one opportunity to another without much plan.

While I was sitting on the train staring out the window to the idle landscape, I was thinking where to start. My mind wandered off to all the things that I was fascinated about for a long period of time (violin & piano music), all the ideas that popped up in my head and kept popping up now and then (learning to draw, learning about tea & coffee), all the things I admire in others (living in the now) and the things I really want and need to do in 2017 (throwing my last birthday party as a twenty year old).

I wondered why I never pursued those hobbies. I quickly understood that over the last years, I had made the number one product mistake: I thought I knew the user (in this case me) and had built a product without actually knowing that person. I had made the mistake to see it all big and to do everything right; by starting & finishing all my courses for example. I was in it for the degree, but not necessarily for the passion.

In 2017 I am going to make that mistake. I am not going to look for perfection and forcing myself to liking something, I am going to go for what makes me happy, something I can be passionate about. And in order to get there, I am going to try out a bunch of things for one, maximum two months and ditch it if it doesn’t make me 100% happy.

So here I am.
With a plan.
2017, bring it on!

February: and yes…

What? Living in the now & living less rational
How? Saying yes to every proposal
Marriage & children
By not controlling situations, I will have less expectations and thus more fun.

March & April: back to the drawing board

What? Learning to draw
How? Daily 30 min drawing session capturing how my day was, guided by a mentor through coach.me
Hypothesis? By pen, paper & pencils I can express myself better than with words

May: disconnected

What? No social media
How? Deleting all social media accounts from my phone & looking for plugins to block them on my computer
Hypothesis? Connections are formed face to face & there is no better feeling than waking up without external influences also known as “my best duck face taken by a selfie stick”.

June: preparing for an epic year

What? Organizing my most impressive party so far – my 29th birthday
How? By getting drunk & letting the creative juices flow to come up with a memorable theme. Followed by strict party project management I happened to grew quite good at over the last years by practicing with repeated house parties.
Hypothesis? A party never hurts anyone.

July: my cup of tea

What? Learning about tea or coffee
How: I am not quite sure yet.
Hypothesis? Coffee & tea taste tremendously better if they are brewed correctly

August: detox

What? Detoxing from my birthday party in July
How? The only beverage I’ll be drinking will be water
Your skin & body looks & feels better when you live off water

Oktober & November: music maestro

What? Learning music
How? Learning to read notes daily for 30 min & start using an instrument, preferably with a mentor
Hypothesis? Nothing worth having comes easy: music is hard and you have to bite through.

December: let’s talk business

What? Researching/starting an online business
How? Throwing all my skills in the mix
Hypothesis? Creating/having my own business would be so much fun


Ambitious? Maybe.
Recipe for failure? Probably.
But who cares? The ones that never fail, are the ones who never tried.


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