Letter To A Person, With Kindness.

Dear Marcos,

Let me start off with: the world is a small place. I actually don’t believe it’s a small place and think neither do you. But let’s assume it’s a small place, shall we?

I’m sorry. I just had dinner with an ex-coworker who happens to work where you work. While you read this, don’t forget that your company culture dictates kindness. My friend knows you. I know you. Well I actually don’t know you. We had 1 date 2 years ago. I was new in the city and you were Spanish. That doesn’t make any sense, but remember that the world is a small place. At that specific time 2 Europeans came together in the far from home city of San Francisco. Which created a connection. At least on my side. I’m still wondering whether that was one sided. Not that it matters.

I mentioned you to my friend and explained our brief encounter. In the next call, while you’re in New York, my friend is in San Francisco and I’ll probably be in Dublin you might be called out on our history. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you or put you in a weird position at work. I only shared my genuine feelings about you. With kindness. Because I truly appreciate those couple of hours we got 2 years ago. I felt uncomfortable being brand new to San Francisco. But for those couple of hours in Hi-Lo Club I felt at home. You taught me I could be alone and still feel connected, because it’s the people who create a home. I bet you didn’t realize you had that influence on me, right?

Here’s another influence: we had a bunch of miscommunication afterwards. I played my “I’m o so cool” game and didn’t communicate clearly. Which meant I never got to wear my long gown we would take out to a suitable event. I was bummed about that because I looked forward. Which taught me to drop the dating act and communicate straight forward if I really want something. Especially to guys. That lessons has worked wonders ever since.

When you moved to Dublin and I moved to Dublin for the same reasons, I wanted to reach out & meet-up again for another transfer of “it’s ok to be somewhere you don’t feel at home” feelings. Home is where there are kind and likeminded people. Working at your company, with that company culture, you must get that.

I’m bummed we didn’t get that chance. Or we didn’t take it. The world is a small place, but for people that never stay at one place the world only expands.

I’m sorry if your work call didn’t go as planned and you felt uncomfortable. Try to see the upside though: after 2 years I still think about the things you taught me. I’m not sure how many people have that influence on someone else.

With all kindness,


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