Highlights of June: lots of dessert & San Francisco

June was such a strange but kind of wonderful month in hindsight. I had a lot of ups & downs that are associated with living in Ireland & Dublin. But then again I was lucky enough to spend half of the month in San Francisco. June was lots of moments of happiness, but also moments of unhappiness. Here are the snippets of happiness;

Gigantic Irish porterhouse. When in doubt, choose steak.

When everything goes wrong, get Irish steak. You’re living on an island with amazing steak that has been dried for 28 days before serving. I discovered while living here that the most important lesson is: When you’re ready to give up & move somewhere else, find the best quality of a country & indulge in it. In mine & Ireland’s case that is steak. When in doubt, always get steak.


Returning to San Francisco for work.

God what do I miss that city.

The view from the Asana offices.

It’s always super nice to meet-up with old friends in San Francisco whenever I stop by. And when they changed jobs & show you around their offices, makes it even more fun! Or when they have coworkers you used to date. 

View Asana


Nightly hikes with amazing SF skyline views.

I get energized from skyline views of big cities. Let alone if you hiked to that view at 4 AM barefoot after trying to sneak into your old apartment building & failing miserably.

SF skyline


Getting late night Bob’s Donuts

No late night hike is really worth it, without a donut from Bob’s Donuts that is open 24/7 and just utterly amazing. Always a good stop late night.

Bob's donuts

Bob being featured in an article WITH MORE donut place recommendations

More donut places to discover? I’ll volunteer Bob!

Other Donut places

New friends

Meet my partner in most San Francisco adventures, Steven. We met 3 tips ago when I was randomly texting strangers to do something the same night (30 min later actually) and he was the first to be like “Sure.” From $100 cocktail bowls to visiting the same bar twice in a night. From weird encounters with dates to weird donuts (see beneath). From Bob’s donuts to free tomato soups.


Discovering my new favorite SF bar &restaurant

The Saratoga. Cocktails, finger food, desserts and $100 cocktail bowls. What does one need more??
(but please get that green donut of the menu)

Experiencing winter in Lake Tahoe

People swear by Lake Tahoe. I don’t really get it. I froze my hands & feet off. Was not prepared for that cold weather.

Lake Tahoe2

Lake Tahoe

Catching a glimps of the NY skyline on my way back to Dublin

In Newark I could spot the NY skyline in the distance. Perfect end to my San Francisco trip.

NY skyline

Getting the best border control picture

Unfortunately it did not lead to being more easy going in admitting me to the United States. The border control officer did not get my work situation & it didn’t help that I couldn’t stop laughing because while explaining I understood how much it must not make sense to an outsider. Which I found to be very hilarious.

Best border control pic


Stumbling on the most awesome Birkenstocks in sale

Birkenstocks are extremely ugly. Let’s agree on it. But they are so comfortable. I was in need for a new pair after my old pair died in the mud pools sometime in the past. So when I stumbled on this kick-ass pair that were 50% off, I wanted a Birkenstock nerd party.


Discovering a new favorite restaurant in Dublin

Gigantic portion of mussels with delicious fries? Heck yes! Chez Max is a french restaurant where the staff speaks French actually & they serve house wine by half liters. How I like evenings that involve the French. French fries. Wine. My boyfriend.

Baking the perfect cheesecake

I was never much of a baker. A bunch of (ex-) coworkers can tell horrible stories about my attempts to poison them with my own baking skills. But after the mussel night, I wanted to bake the perfect cheese cake & I did so. Recipe of an awesome lemon cheesecake with macarpone.

Home made cheesecake

Starting personal training & joining the protein powder club

After eating a week cheese cake every night and feeling moderately guilty afterwards, I signed Danny & myself up for personal training.  A personalized meal plan for a month, 3 dedicated sessions weekly, hell yea! Nice bikini ass, here I come!

Discovering Pooh watches Planet Earth when we’re not looking


Dog watchin TV


Lowlight of June:
finding out my H1B work permit application is rejected

Ugh. Another chance taken away to immigrate back to the States.


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