10 Highlights of March 2018: Between Dublin & San Francisco

Half of March I spent in Dublin, half of it in San Francisco which was quite the weather shock. Freezing in Dublin (luckily I just escaped the snow storm) and nice & warm in San Francisco. I was super stoked to be back in San Francisco, but it also marked some big changes: from one of my closest coworkers moving away to leaving Pooh behind in the States. Luckily I had some great things to come back to Dublin for: a visit of my best friend.


1. Saying goodbye to Pooh in Dublin

After having had Pooh in Dublin for a year, it was time for the little fella to fly back to the US and stay there for a while.



2. Finally visiting the Perennial, where they have amazing bread

The Perennial is right around the corner of my office in San Francisco. I always wanted go and never really made it. Until one very random night. After (way too overpriced) cocktails at Proper Rooftop, we made it to the Perennial where we binged on bread.


3. Southern food as breakfast

I like a good shrimp & grits for breakfast, yes I do. Southern Kitchen in the cutest town, Los Gatos is the place to be!


4. Discovering 2 new favorite SF hotels

Each time I visit San Francisco, I like to discover new hotels and find new favorite ones. This trip I was lucky enough to stumble on two places that felt like home: Hotel Carlton & Hotel Mystic.

The Carlton had a view over the city that was just to die for. Even from the bathroom. There I was, in my shower, staring over the Californian roofs. Yes, I could get used to that again.


The Mystic

5. Re-meeting strangers I met half a year ago

I love catching up with people that I haven’t heard in a while, especially when they reach out to me. Late night, wine and relationship talks, I dig it.


6. Getting Amplitude free socks

I love cool socks. My socks make or break my entire day. So I was pretty stoked when I went to an event from analytics tool Amplitude, that they gave away free socks. Especially since it was raining in San Francisco and by the time I arrived at the event, my socks were all wet. That worked out well!


7. Waving a coworker goodbye as if it was a wake

One of my best friends & coworker in San Francisco is moving to Washington DC. We started our adventure in San Francisco at the same time. Moving from Belgium to the big city at exactly the same time was quite unique and we had a blast when we both lived in San Francisco. I already left the city, but now it’s his turn. But not without throwing him a “party”. The theme of the party was a wake because frankly the online shop only sold black themed party stuff, but also because we kind of said goodbye to him. Little did I know, it doesn’t fly well with Americans to throw a “mock” party. Even if it includes cheese, oysters, crackers and beer.


8. Coming back home after St Paddy’s day

It’s special to land back in Dublin on March 19, a couple of days after St Patricks day. There are still a lot of remainders to be seen and it’s nice to come back to a festive atmosphere, even though it was freezing over here compared to California.


9. Going to my first Irish wedding

When one of my Irish friends invited me to her wedding party, I couldn’t say no. So my Belgian guest joined me to the wedding and we had a blast socializing with the Irish family and South American friends, even though we didn’t know anyone.

10. Beautiful french toast in 2Pups

After the wedding we needed some food, so we stumbled to 2Pups in Dublin, where we discovered the most delicious french toast with rhubarb.


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