Build Bridges San Francisco

Goodbye San Francisco, Hello Ireland!

I haven’t written anything in the last couple of days. Guess I failed that challenge. Again. I shrug my shoulders and don’t care. The days I cared about meticulously doing what I said I was going to do are long gone. I promised myself that I would go to bed at 12 o’clock each day. “Create routines”. Fuck that. When…


Journaling Challenge: Let’s Get It All Out In The Open

Hello world, it’s my brain speaking. I have not sat down for a while to write another blogpost. Should I apologize for that? I don’t think so. I have a million and thirteen pieces (Yes, I’ve I counted them!) sitting in my drafts, that I never published and I probably never will. Usually because “not good enough”. It’s a funny…

Great things find you

Stop Looking For Things, Start Finding Them

Airplane mode. I’m waiting at the beginning of the runway to take off to Dublin. My mind wanders off to the day before. A discussion with 2 different opinions. While I lay out my arguments, I realize I show this stranger more of myself than I would like to. He asks me what I’m looking for. I’m quick to tell…

You are special

Letter To My Mum, Dad & Sister

I don’t believe in official holidays. They are invented by Hallmark to sell more post cards. However I do believe in celebrations. Celebrating life changes. Like moving into a new place. Getting a dog. Graduating. And today is a day to celebrate. But before going into that, I like to talk a little about about my family. In particular my mum,…

Done is better than perfect

The fear of posting this

I slid my phone over to Laurence, sitting across of me on a train. On the screen was the post about the sudden death of my grandmother. She carefully carved out 3 minutes of her trip to California to read it. Her fingers swiped down on the little screen. After those minutes she looked at me with tears in her eyes. One of…

Never wait

Never wait. Dedication to my grandmother.

My grandmother died an hour ago. She passed away in the hospital, while I was arranging flying to Belgium to see her a last time before it was too late. I guess that’s life’s way of saying ‘never wait’. My grandmother was 87 and had a good life, but boy how I wished I could have had that last glass of port…

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