You are special

Letter To My Mum, Dad & Sister

I don’t believe in official holidays. They are invented by Hallmark to sell more post cards. However I do believe in celebrations. Celebrating life changes. Like moving into a new place. Getting a dog. Graduating. And today is a day to celebrate. But before going into that, I like to talk a little about about my family. In particular my mum,…

Highlights of April

15 High- & lowlights of April

In April I decided to challenge myself in several ways; eating vegetarian for a month, chopping off all my hair… I debated those things for quite some time/months, and they all turned out to be pretty legendary. Lesson learned; less debating, more doing.   1. Laughing and crying at the same time. Like really crying Have you ever experienced laughing so hard,…

15 highlights of december

15 Highlights of December

1. Receiving my first birth card from a Belgian friend My first friend close to me got a baby boy and sent me a birth card all the way to San francisco. I was touched to finally receive my first birth card. 2. Little splurge in buying winter coats because it was 7 degrees one day One day it was 7…

How are you doing?

Why I love ‘How Are You Doing?’

“How are you doing?” I am fond of this question. From the door (wo)man to the supermarket employee to the Lyft driver to the random person waiting at the same red light. No matter who’s asking, I absolutely love this question. But some people believe that no one answers that question honestly no one listens to or cares about the answer and therefor ‘How are you…

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