Highlights of June

Highlights of June: lots of dessert & San Francisco

June was such a strange but kind of wonderful month in hindsight. I had a lot of ups & downs that are associated with living in Ireland & Dublin. But then again I was lucky enough to spend half of the month in San Francisco. June was lots of moments of happiness, but also moments of unhappiness. Here are the…

Be Kind

Letter To A Person, With Kindness.

Dear Marcos, Let me start off with: the world is a small place. I actually don’t believe it’s a small place and think neither do you. But let’s assume it’s a small place, shall we? I’m sorry. I just had dinner with an ex-coworker who happens to work where you work. While you read this, don’t forget that your company…

Once you stop learning

2017: Stop Perfectioning, Start Learning.

Learning and experiencing new things have always been motivators I can’t live without. I feel an enormous energy rush in my second toe from the left when my brain is processing new things. Hairdressing, make-up, sewing, a dozen of sports.. I tried & “finished” it all. However nothing stuck. I liked every one of those hobbies, but I wasn’t passionate about it. So when…

Great things find you

Stop Looking For Things, Start Finding Them

Airplane mode. I’m waiting at the beginning of the runway to take off to Dublin. My mind wanders off to the day before. A discussion with 2 different opinions. While I lay out my arguments, I realize I show this stranger more of myself than I would like to. He asks me what I’m looking for. I’m quick to tell…

You are special

Letter To My Mum, Dad & Sister

I don’t believe in official holidays. They are invented by Hallmark to sell more post cards. However I do believe in celebrations. Celebrating life changes. Like moving into a new place. Getting a dog. Graduating. And today is a day to celebrate. But before going into that, I like to talk a little about about my family. In particular my mum,…

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