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Be Kind

Letter To A Person, With Kindness.

Dear Marcos, Let me start off with: the world is a small place. I actually don’t believe it’s a small place and think neither do you. But let’s assume it’s a small place, shall we? I’m sorry. I just had dinner with an ex-coworker who happens to work where you work. While you read this, don’t forget that your company…

Once you stop learning

2017: Stop Perfectioning, Start Learning.

Learning and experiencing new things have always been motivators I can’t live without. I feel an enormous energy rush in my second toe from the left when my brain is processing new things. Hairdressing, make-up, sewing, a dozen of sports.. I tried & “finished” it all. However nothing stuck. I liked every one of those hobbies, but I wasn’t passionate about it. So when…

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