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Home made bread rolls

Homemade bread rolls

New Year’s Eve is not the same at my house without homemade pizzas. This year, I made way too much dough, so I tried to make bread rolls with the leftover dough. Which was quite a success! These bread rolls would be great to accompany a cheese platter! Time: 15 min preparation + 1h30 rising & baking For 6 bread…

Merry Christmas

Stem cell donor

I did it. I clicked the button ‘yes I register as stem cell donor’. And while that actually means very little right now, to me it means a lot. I don’t like needles (yes, I am one of those pussys) and to donate stem cells, well.. you need multiple needles in your arms or back. It all started a month ago. During Thanksgiving dinner…

Los Angeles

Voted best places in LA.. so far

LA has a thing for votes. Every shop, restaurant, bar, flea market, sight in the city has been voted as the best in something. Best eggs on sandwich for breakfast, best butter knifes, best sight between 4 PM and 4:05 PM… It’s fascinating how many lists can be created and how many things can be voted for. But as we all…

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