About Judith

Judith seems to be some heroine in a very old book, called the Bible. Although I am quite young (20something), I won’t deny the heroine part of the story. Who am I to deny the holy Book?

In ordinary life I keep myself busy with:

I never watch TV -not even Game of Thrones- which gave me a lot of time to learn things. That’s how I got 5 degrees (communications, marketing, make-up, hairdressing and sewing).
I am a very passionate youngster with a big interest in different fields. Therefor people tend to think I suck at everything. I say bullshit. Click here to read my opinion on that matter.

I love coffee. I love new opportunities. I love conversations.
If you want to contact me; be my guest! Mi mailbox es su mailbox.

This is how I look like. On my better days:

Judith Straetemans

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