Once you stop learning

2017: Stop Perfectioning, Start Learning.

Learning and experiencing new things have always been motivators I can’t live without. I feel an enormous energy rush in my second toe from the left when my brain is processing new things. Hairdressing, make-up, sewing, a dozen of sports.. I tried & “finished” it all. However nothing stuck. I liked every one of those hobbies, but I wasn’t passionate about it. So when…

Highlights of April

15 High- & lowlights of April

In April I decided to challenge myself in several ways; eating vegetarian for a month, chopping off all my hair… I debated those things for quite some time/months, and they all turned out to be pretty legendary. Lesson learned; less debating, more doing.   1. Laughing and crying at the same time. Like really crying Have you ever experienced laughing so hard,…

Highlights of March

11 Highlights of March

March was a pretty special month. It was the month where I celebrated my “official 1 year anniversary in America” (I arrived on the 3d of March in 2015) and where we applied for an H1B visum so I can stay in the States. It also came with quite some insecurities…   1. Getting to  know the inside of a computer…

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